Industrial butterfly valves from RBU: Competence and highest quality with our control lever butterfly valves

Our RBU industrial butterfly valves are already used as part of our system solutions for international customers in various industries and meet the latest engineering standards. This also applies to our technically high-quality control lever butterfly valves, which are used for gas-tight shut-off of gas pipelines. They are considered tight-closing in the technical sense (DIN 3220) and thus guarantee a maximum degree of safety for your plants.

The high tightness is achieved by a soft seal using elastomers, i.e. elastically deformable plastics, against which the valve disc is pressed by the main lever. When opening, the valve disc first lifts off the sealing strip in the axial direction and is then pivoted by the steering lever until it is parallel to the pipeline axis. No abrasion can occur on the seal during this process. Steering lever butterfly valves are usually operated hydraulically.

Our control lever dampers are based on decades of experience in the field of manufacturing and assembly of process and heat engineering components. When you choose industrial dampers from RBU, you are choosing absolute competence and the highest quality, thus guaranteeing smooth operation within your plants.

Key Facts

Maximum pressure: 200 mbar
Operating temperature: up to 200°C
Size: DN600 to DN3500
Sealing: soft sealing, incl. pressing of the valve disc
Actuation: hydraulic

Maximum safety for gas pipelines

In plants where gas is conveyed from one location to another via pipeline systems, a maximum level of safety must be ensured to protect people and the environment in the immediate vicinity. At any point in time, it must be possible to stop the flow of gas and seal the pipeline completely gas-tight. RBU's control lever butterfly valves are the perfect choice to ensure this control. Through our expertise, we have developed shut-off systems that are used worldwide, for example, in industrial thermoprocessing plants and generally piping systems for gaseous media in all industrial sectors.

Steering arm flaps made to measure

Our claim is to perfectly meet the requirements of our customers. That is why our control lever butterfly valves are always optimally adapted to the conditions in your plant. The possible sizes of the butterfly valves range from DN600 to DN3500. This number indicates the nominal diameter (DN from the French diamètre nominal), i.e. the inner pipe diameter and the connection dimension of a valve. Accordingly, the RBU control lever butterfly valves are designed for pipeline systems with an inside diameter of between 60 centimeters and 3.5 meters.

Durable system solution for your plant with industrial dampers from RBU

The name RBU has stood for durable system solutions for industry for over 25 years. Our industrial butterfly valves are manufactured accordingly with the highest standards of materiality and precision for your individual plant system. This standard also applies to our control lever dampers, which are made of high-quality and resistant materials that allow them to be used at a maximum pressure of 200 mbar and a maximum operating temperature of up to 200 °C. As no abrasion can occur on the seal due to the way the steering lever flaps work, they shut off the gas line absolutely reliably even after years of use. Thanks to the durable and reliable components from RBU, you save on maintenance costs and promote smooth operation of your plant processes.

Your advantages at a glance:

Gas-tight closure of piping systems

Low maintenance times and costs

No wear of the seal

Use at up to 200 mbar and 200 °C

Individual adaptation to your plant

Reliable hydraulic actuation

Rely on steering lever dampers from RBU

Our steering lever butterfly valves are designed to handle the most difficult tasks and make your process flows more efficient. You too can rely on RBU's expertise and ensure safety in your gas-carrying piping systems. Our offer includes the manufacture of completely new units as well as the replacement of spare parts in already existing plants.

If you have any questions about steering lever and industrial butterfly valves or if you are interested in our products, we are always at your disposal.

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