Reliable industrial dampers from RBU: Tight closing with our pendulum dampers

RBU industrial dampers are part of our customer-oriented system solutions and are tailor-made for your plant systems according to the latest engineering standards.

This also applies to our pendulum dampers, which are designed in single or double versions. According to RBU standards, our pendulum dampers have a particularly robust design and thus continue to function reliably and efficiently for many years to come. This quality clearly distinguishes our industrial dampers from competing products.

Pendulum dampers are used to feed and discharge various materials and are used vertically for dusty or fine-grained media. Depending on requirements, they can be operated electrically, pneumatically or weight-loaded. Our pendulum flaps are suitable, for example, for the tight closing of dust containers and their emptying - without pressure relief - and are used, among other things, in dry ash removal and fuel processing.

Like all our industrial butterfly valves, they are insensitive to extreme conditions thanks to their resilient design, which ensures an exceptionally long service life. This means that the RBU pendulum dampers can be used with abrasive media without any problems.

While replaceable inlet hoppers and flaps increase flexibility and operational reliability, large maintenance openings ensure fast, convenient replacement of individual components even when installed. This saves you bothersome disassembly and high maintenance costs!

Key Facts

Type: single or double pendulum butterfly valve for metering and for separating mass flows of dusty or fine-grained products.
Application: mainly in cement plants, power plants and waste incineration plants
Operating temperature: up to 800°C
Size: up to 2x2m
designs: single or double
Sealing: metallic
actuation: electric, pneumatic or weight-loaded

Controlled discharge thanks to pendulum flaps

Pendulum dampers are used for the continuous dosing, blocking and removal of bulk materials that are ready to be conveyed , whereby the term bulk material refers to a mixture in powdery or granular form that is present in a pourable form. They are therefore used for discharging separated dust, powder or granules from filter systems into dust collection containers provided for this purpose and, thanks to their flexible and well thought-out design, enable very reliable guidance and separation of free-flowing bulk materials from and in pressure differential spaces.

Controlled infeed and outfeed is important for various reasons. Only in this way can the production process run smoothly, ensuring that a certain quantity of the material to be processed is always available at the desired time. The RBU pendulum flaps effectively prevent material loss and quality degradation both in light batch operation and in heavy continuous operation.

Single pendulum dampers

Single swing dampers are perfectly designed for interval operation. They consist of a housing in which a damper blade is installed. This is moved by means of a shaft. The pendulum dampers are used either as a simple inlet element above hoppers, silos and other containers as a filling closure, or as a simple closing element under filters and cyclones.

Our butterfly valves are made of wear-resistant materials on request and have almost 100% process reliability and tightness. The heavy-duty design of the butterfly valve and the use of only high-quality materials guarantee not only absolute functionality, but also a long, efficient service life.

Double pendulum flaps

In the case of double pendulum flaps, the two installed flap blades open and close alternately. If the upper damper blade is open, the lower one closes and vice versa. This special arrangement, in which both dampers are never open, enables very reliable sealing of differential spaces. Double pendulum dampers are accordingly used in the event of pressure differences occurring, both overpressure and underpressure, for the quasi-continuous discharge of powdery, granular and dusty as well as abrasive media and are therefore mostly used under cyclones, filter units and conveying equipment. The system is effective in both closing and opening operations.

Since the actuator is designed to be overload-proof by means of a cam disk, there is no damage to the double pendulum butterfly valve in the event of a malfunction - e.g. larger lumps becoming trapped. As in the case of single swing dampers, the spacious inspection openings of double swing dampers allow easy replacement of the damper blades and inlet funnels even when installed, thus facilitating servicing.

As the housing is completely encapsulated, the discharge of the bulk solids is particularly dust-tight to the atmosphere. In addition, the wear and abrasion of the flap components in contact with the media is reduced by the selection of materials that can be individually adapted to the abrasive properties. This ensures an overall long service life - a benchmark of reliability that distinguishes each of our industrial butterfly valves!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Simple, robust design
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance and wear
  • Operationally safe
  • Long life
  • Different types of actuation possible: electric, pneumatic or weight-loaded
  • reliably material-tight in the passage
  • dust-tight to the atmosphere
  • suitable for abrasive media and for high-temperature applications up to 800°C
  • Large maintenance openings: maintenance-friendly design

Industry solutions

  • Chemical industry
  • Thermal waste treatment
  • Fossil-fired power plants
  • Sewage sludge incineration
  • Port handling
  • Mineral industry

Conveyed material

  • Filter dust
  • Ash
  • Fly ash
  • Gypsum, kaolin, lime, clay, sand, stone, dry mix, cement, minerals
  • Slag
  • Sewage sludge
  • Fossil fuels
  • Ore, foundry sand, metal concentrate
  • Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF/RDF)
  • Chemicals, finished products (powder, granules)

Pendulum dampers as a solution in your plant

Due to their strong design, our pendulum dampers are suitable for the most difficult tasks and ensure smooth plant operation in process engineering. We offer you completely new units, but of course also the exchange of spare parts of already existing plants!

If you have any questions about pendulum dampers and industrial dampers or are interested in further products, we are always there for you.
Please feel free to send us an e-mail or simply give us a call!

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