Steel industry

Exhaust air purification andCO2 gas extraction

RBU offers a wide range of shut-off and control solutions for the gases and dusts generated during steel production. These include hydraulically operated "angle valves" that alternately direct large quantities of gas to the gas storage (gasometer) or to the flare stack in a continuous control process depending on the gas quality. The product range also includes gas-tight gland valves. All system solutions from RBU-Germany incl. the hydraulic systems.

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Cement industry

Always on the safe side

RBU butterfly valves and gate valves are used in many areas of a cement plant for the safe shut-off and control of extremely dust-laden process gases, as well as for the shut-off of free-flowing solids. In the tertiary air area, valves are used in temperature ranges up to 1100°C. The extremely abrasive properties of the raw materials and the ever larger nominal diameters require special solutions, which RBU has been successfully providing for over 25 years.

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Thermal treatment plants

All requirementsindividually fulfilled

Thermal processes are diverse and often place high demands on the furnace system and process technology. Especially for high-quality products, where reproducibility of the product parameters must be guaranteed, it is essential to maintain stable parameters with regard to atmospheres and temperatures. RBU offers the optimal solution, tried and tested over many years, for every control and shut-off task up to a max. temperature of 1100°C, taking into account all specifications.

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Furnace renovation

Rehabilitation of industrial furnaces

Whether annealing furnaces or continuous furnaces: In addition to reliable maintenance and assembly work on site, we also undertake the manufacture of special components in our own production facility. The refurbishment of industrial furnaces makes a decisive contribution to minimising downtimes and maximising economic efficiency.

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Power stations

Protected systems formaximum safety

RBU dampers and slide valves are used in various areas of a power plant for the safe shut-off and control of process gases in the furnace area, as well as safety shut-off devices in the area of the flue gases and the coal dust supply and ash removal. In the area of pulverised coal handling, EX-protected systems are absolutely essential.

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Exhaust air purification

Optimisation and precision through RBU products

During thermal exhaust air purification, the pollutants contained in the exhaust air are combusted at a temperature of above 700°C with almost no residue. For optimum control of the combustion temperature and process gas flow, RBU shut-off and control dampers are used, which ensure optimal efficiency and residue-free pollutant combustion at temperatures up to 1100°C through precise control and secure sealing.

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Waste incineration plants

Waste incinerationplants

High quality for a secure future

In a waste incineration plant, domestic, bulky and commercial waste is thermally treated and recycled. Residual waste is processed into the products energy in the form of steam, and grate ash with metal scrap. Robust, wear-resistant RBU dampers are used for all process gas control. RBU solid waste gate valves are successfully used to discharge the ash.

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RBU Flaps in marine engineering

Reducing the sulphur content in ships' exhaust gases is a fundamental requirement of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). RBU flaps ensure environmentally friendly ships on the world's oceans. We have developed special exhaust gas flaps for the exhaust gas flow of ship engines in order to increase energy efficiency by retaining heat. Without these dampers, the exhaust channel is open at the top, so that the boiler system and main engine cool down after shutdown. The RBU dampers prevent this. As soon as the burner stops and the fan switches off, the flap closes automatically. This means that the boiler does not cool down so quickly and the temperature is maintained in the system for longer. The advantage of our technology: significant fuel savings! All dampers have a type approval from DNV GL for use on seagoing vessels. In addition, special RBU control and shut-off dampers have been successfully used in exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) on ships for many years. RBU control dampers: single- or multi-leaf, with through-flow as required, for continuous control or with sealing strips for high tightness in the closed state. RBU safety dampers: with self-releasing counterweight in the event of a fault - safe closing/opening of the damper under all conditions. RBU double shut-off dampers with sealing air station: Interstitial space warm air admission for overpressure - guaranteed no escape of flue gas. Optionally with inertised air.

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Aluminium industry

Precise fit and reliable

For the smelting electrolysis in aluminium production, whether mineral-based or through aluminium recycling, RBU offers precisely fitting and reliable control and shut-off solutions. The RBU special sealing systems, hot gas flaps as well as special designs are suitable for sealing the aluminium smelters of e.g. filter stages or for aluminium extraction.

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Special applications

Creativity never comes off the shelf!

For every application, we offer efficient and customised solutions of the greatest precision and durability. Our products:

  • RBU control dampers: Single- or multi-leaf, depending on the requirements - for continuous control or with sealing strips for high tightness in closed state
  • RBU safety flaps: With self-releasing counterweight in the event of a malfunction - safe closing/opening of the flap under all conditions
  • RBU double shut-off dampers with sealing air station: Interstitial hot air admission for overpressure - guaranteed no escape of flue gas. Optionally with inertised air
  • Hot gas pipe expansion joints
  • Material slider for dust and bulk material: Individually tailored to the needs of your industry
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3D scanning technology

Engineering for the highest demands

Our state-of-the-art Faro 3D scanner enables us to quickly, precisely and comprehensively capture the 3D geometry of industrial plants and buildings, no matter how complex they are. The data is displayed by means of 3D point clouds, which we can in turn use to coordinate plant expansions precisely with the conditions on your site. For this purpose, the new products are implemented 1:1 in the point clouds obtained.

Thanks to 3D scanners, we can work even more precisely and guarantee you the very highest quality of our products!

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