Perfectly equipped against heat with hot gas dampers from RBU

With the extremely robust hot gas dampers (HGK) from RBU, you will make the right choice for years and decades when it comes to shutting off and controlling a wide variety of volume flows at high temperatures. We always work with generous safety reserves while observing optimum flow conditions.

Whether it's cast iron blades, stainless steel, ceramics, or refractory concrete, we are skilled at working with a variety of heat-resistant materials suitable for use at high temperatures and abrasive dusts. The damper blade of our hot gas dampers, for example, is designed so that it will not warp when heated to high temperatures. Depending on requirements, we also offer air or water cooling for the damper disc and shaft or other special design features. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Thermal processes in particular are extremely diverse and place extremely high demands on process engineering. Every component must function absolutely perfectly even at temperatures above 1000°C. The reproducibility of different parameters regarding atmospheres and temperatures during production must also be ensured in order to always achieve the highest quality of products. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you hot gas dampers for any control and shut-off task up to a max. temperature of 1100°C. Of course always perfectly adapted to your plant.

Key Facts

Maximum pressure: 200 mbar
Operating temperature: 1100°C (for highest temperatures)
Size: DN500 to DN3000
Design: round or angular, single or double leaf
Sealing: metallic stop or penetrating
Actuation: electric or pneumatic
Mounting: flanges according to DIN 24154 or customer specifications
Insulation: RBU-HGK for brick lining and insulation

Areas of application for our hot gas dampers

Hot gas dampers are mainly used in incineration and furnace plants, and RBU specimens have also been in use there for years and decades. A more concrete example are Waste incineration plants. There, domestic, bulky and commercial waste is thermally treated and recycled. The end products are energy in the form of steam and grate ash with metal scrap.

In order to ensure absolutely safe and efficient process gas control at the high temperatures required for the thermal treatment of waste, our customers use the robust as well as wear-resistant RBU hot gas dampers. In most cases, this takes place in conjunction with other products from our portfolio. For the discharge of ash, for example, RBU solid gate valves are successfully used.

Ceramic can heat

The high-temperature range in particular places particularly high demands on materials and technology. However, we see this as a challenge that we successfully met years ago. As a material in this area, ceramics in particular are at the forefront. This is especially true for systems with corrosive components (e.g. sulfur) in the hot gas stream and/or temperatures above 900°C. Here, ceramics are a highly interesting alternative to classic steel materials.

Our hot gas dampers, including just those made of high quality ceramics, are perfectly designed for installation in insulated ducts that are operated with exhaust gases from furnaces at high temperatures. We will be happy to provide you with more information about the materials we use. Just contact us.

Durable solutions for thermal processes

For more than 25 years, the RBU Group has been your No. 1 contact when it comes to durable solutions for thermal processes. Our hot gas dampers are robust and continue to operate precisely and reliably even under the most adverse conditions, where others give up after a short time. They can withstand a maximum pressure of up to 200 mbar and a temperature of up to 1100°C, thus living up to the name RBU.

You too can rely on hot gas dampers that are still absolutely reliable in operation even after many years. With RBU, you save costs and guarantee smooth processes in your plants.

Individual hot gas dampers for your plant

We always design our hot gas dampers according to the specific requirements of our customers. Each plant has its own special requirements and the material and design of the respective damper must be precisely adapted to these. Of course, we also attach great importance to good accessibility and possibilities for simple and quick retrofitting.

Contact us for your individual offer and together we will find the perfect hot gas damper for your project.

Your advantages at a glance:

Effective control of hot gas flows

Extremely robust construction

Low maintenance times and costs

Use at up to 200 mbar and 1100 °C

Individual adaptation to your plant

Versions in different materials

Safe due to low probability of failure

Good accessibility & possibility for retrofitting

Into a more efficient future with the RBU hot gas dampers

The most difficult tasks are no problem for our hot gas dampers. Make your process operations safer and more efficient, saving resources that can be put to better use elsewhere.
We offer both the manufacture of completely new units and the replacement of parts in existing plants.

Do you have any questions about our hot gas dampers? No problem, we are happy to provide you with more information. Please also discover the other products in our portfolio.
Please feel free to send us an e-mail or simply give us a call!