More efficiency with RBU flue gas diverters

Flue gas diverters are used with gas flows or free-flowing solids to divert media flows in systems and thus control the process flow. The diverters are used in a wide variety of industries, especially in power and cement plants.

Our three-way diverters can be operated electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically. Depending on the respective requirements and the specific media flow, we also manufacture the product with inlet funnels and pendulum wings made of wear-resistant material.

Key Facts

Type: Three-way diverter valve for diverting media flows (gas or free-flowing solids), depending on specification with inlet funnel and pendulum vanes made of wear-resistant material
Maximum pressure: 100 mbar
Application: Redirection of media flows
Operating temperature: up to 500°C (external, dirt-resistant bearings on both sides - adjustable stuffing boxes)
Size: DN500 to DN2000, round or square
Design: Swing wing
Sealing: Metallic or penetrating
Actuation: Electric, pneumatic or hydraulic

Your advantages at a glance

The flue gas diverters from RBU are characterized by the highest and most modern engineering standards to guarantee the longevity of your system. This keeps your systems economical and efficient for long-term operation. The decisive advantages of our flue gas diverters are

Flexibility and precision

With RBU flue gas diverters, you can benefit from our comprehensive all-round service, from the initial design right through to installation. We customize the product according to the requirements of your system and find the optimum solution for you. For example, our flue gas diverters can also be designed with sealing lamellas to ensure maximum sealing of your system.

Compactness and resource efficiency

Your RBU flue gas diverters can be fitted with a changeover blade that allows the gas flow to be regulated during operation. For versions with pendulum wings, we can make the diverters more compact for you. This means you do not need an additional drive, in contrast to the diverter system with two separate wings.

Use the flue gas diverters from RBU for your business - and more

Our flue gas diverters ensure that your system runs smoothly and guarantee lasting safety and precision. As with all our products, they are characterized by their particular robustness and durability. We are also happy to install them according to your specifications and offer you years of service. In addition to turnouts, flaps and sliders are also required for new installations. Our RBU smoke switches are ideal additions to other RBU products such as the swing flaps, steering lever flaps or spectacle sliders. Please contact us if you have any further questions or are interested in our products.

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